Exchange Policy

Iron rings may be exchanged for a different size at no cost, for sixty days following purchase. This applies both to rings received at a Camp 3 Obligation Ceremony and to replacement rings ordered from Camp 3. After sixty days, a replacement may be purchased.

Ring exchanges are available by postal mail only. To exchange your ring for a different size, please enclose your ring in an envelope addressed as shown below, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for your new ring and a note that includes your:

Iron Ring Camp 3
Box 1273, Stn. Main
Kingston, Ontario K7L 4Y8

Once the Camp receives your ring to be exchanged, we will send you a new ring.

Ring sizing

It is important that your ring fit correctly, so please ensure you know the correct size prior to requesting an exchange!

Measure the little finger of your working hand. The ring should fit snugly but not uncomfortably tight and you must be able to get it over your knuckles without difficulty. We have rings available in full and half sizes from size 1 to 14, plus some quarter sizes for smaller rings.

The best way to find your ring size is using a ring sizer, which are available at most jewelry stores and other stores that sell rings. Paper ring sizers do not give accurate measurements.